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Want to Live Green? This is how You do It!

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Sustainable living is becoming a byword in Indiana. Government initiatives are encouraging a greener, healthier lifestyle. Will your new home demonstrate these initiatives? As you consider purchasing your new, hopefully sustainable, home, put getting Indiana home insurance on your to-do list.

CityWay in Indianapolis is something of a model for environmentally sustainable living. Built on a 14-acre landholding, the development is heavily reliant on such things as recycling of both waste and usable items, and energy efficiency. Water efficiency is highlighted with the use of schemes to reduce waste, including a storm water control plan that enables water from drains to be harvested for use in gardens.

One of the simplest forms of recycling you might be able to use to improve the sustainability of your new home is composting and the establishment of a worm farm. Your local council should have information on creating and maintaining a worm farm or you can find it on the internet. Since your amount of compost will probably be too large to use it all feeding the worms, you will need a compost bin. The advantages of composting are that you have readymade fertilizer to improve soil quality for your garden and you are cutting down on greenhouse emissions, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Whether or not you decide to be environmentally conscious in your new home, it would be a good idea for you to contact our agents for Indiana home insurance. They may be able to find you just the protection you need for your new home.


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