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Keep Crooks Away with Chicago Commercial Insurance

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Hooray! Your business is flourishing and everything is going great. That is, until the unexpected hits! It’s not uncommon for business robberies these days. Your business is an easy target because every night, you lock up and then just leave. Yes- we realize that you have locked up…but that does not mean anything! Your place of business just sits there with no one to watch over it.  Though you cannot watch your business 24/7, there are ways to prevent a break-in. This includes using good lighting, cameras and having Chicago commercial insurance.

Here are a few tips:

#1: Good lighting indoors. If you have good lighting inside, it will ward off thieves because lighting usually means security camera and tapes.

#2: And good lighting outdoors. Looking into sensory flood lights may be a good idea…if a spotlight is on the crook, he will most likely make a mad dash for it!

#3: Insure the company. Having Chicago commercial insurance will keep you covered in the event of a break-in. Take that, criminals!

#4: Video surveillance. Any sort of suspicious activity should be caught on tape. Having video surveillance at all entrance points will be sure to catch a glimpse the culprit.

#5: Limit the cash. Have less cash and valuables inside your place of business. Find a system where you can lock up expensive items such as laptops or maybe a cash box that can be hidden.

You can never be too protected from crooks. That is why at Pinnacle Insurance Group, we offer a variety of policies that will cover all of your needs. Crooks do not stand a chance against you as long as you are protected with Chicago commercial insurance. Some of our options for this plan include general liability, commercial auto and property insurance, group benefits, workers comp and much more. Do not fall victim to a robbery- you work too hard for your valuables and money!

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