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AAA- The Houdini of Indiana Auto Insurance

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We all know how important it is to have Indiana auto insurance, but what is overlooked far too often is the need that people have for a AAA membership. Many people would make the argument that it is unimportant to have this type of roadside assistance, but that is not the case. As we all know, Murphy’s Law states that eventually you will lock yourself out of your car, regardless of how responsible you are. Just ask our Commercial Lines Agent, Alesha. Due to some extenuating circumstances (and maybe a slight blonde moment), Alesha was left stranded on the outside of her vehicle with her keys on the wrong side of the door. Thanks to a AAA membership, she soon had her car unlocked and her keys back in her own possession.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be as responsible as Alesha, namely my family and me. We once thought that AAA coverage would be unnecessary, and the consequences that sprouted from our lack of prudence changed our minds very quickly. My father and I locked a set of keys in the trunk of my Hyundai Elantra, only there was a small issue. We were in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night on top of a mountain in temperatures that had to be in the low thirties. As I am not a locksmith, a burglar, or Harry Houdini, we were forced to break a window in order to get into the car.

While that was definitely not the peak moment of my intelligence, one thing that I did learn was that you can never be too careful. The best way to keep yourself covered in a situation such as this is to get a membership with AAA. Conveniently, we offer AAA at Pinnacle Insurance Group! We are your one stop shop for Indiana auto insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance, and just about any of your insurance needs. Give us a call today before it’s too late!

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