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U-Haul, U-Insure

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We all know that you need an Indiana Auto Insurance policy if you’re going to be driving your own vehicle, but did you know that you need one if you’re going to be driving a rental truck? Let’s say that you just rented a U-Haul truck to move all of you’re child’s belongings out of his room to his brand new apartment (Well, it’s not new, but it’s all that he could afford on his tight budget for college). You go to the rental place, get the right size truck, load his hundreds of CD’s and Xbox games up, and drive off into the sunset. Simple, right? Wrong.

You forgot the most important part! You forgot to sign up for an insurance policy that covers your rental truck! You get in a wreck, and you have to pay for everything out of pocket. You end up going into debt, and your son can no longer pay for college. He spends the rest of his life living in your basement without a job, and everyone ends up unhappy and without any money.

Okay, that may have been a slight over exaggeration, but the part about having to pay for everything out of your own pocket is true. Let’s rewind back to the part where you’re standing in the truck rental office, and let’s change one little detail. You instead decide to purchase a truck rental policy, and when you get in a wreck, the insurance covers all of the damage to the truck and the personal belongings of your son, which were destroyed in the initial collision, and he goes to college with his new copy of Call of Duty. Your son becomes the next Bill Gates, and everyone ends up happy with lots of money.

While we aren’t guaranteeing that your son is the next Bill Gates, we are guaranteeing that it’s never a bad idea to be covered by an inexpensive insurance policy. At Pinnacle Insurance Group, we strive to provide you coverage that you need, so if you have any questions about Indiana Auto Insurance, call us today, and one of our professional insurance agents will gladly give you the information that you need to have peace of mind in uncertain times.

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