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3 Wacky Ways to Extend Your Car’s Life

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So of course we all know that we should have our car checked every year for maintenance, change the oil, clean the air filters, wax the outside, and have Indiana car insurance. These are all obvious reasons that we hear every day.  But to really prolong the life of your car, there are a bunch of other actions that you should avoid. Trust us, we didn’t realize these either! Here are a few wacky ways to extend the life of your car.

#1: Don’t overload your key chain. Yes, we understand that you want to put every key chain your child had ever given you on your keys as a loving reminder but all the extra weight will wear out the inside of the ignition which will ultimately lead to ignition switch failure! I’m sure your child won’t be too upset if you leave a few in another safe spot.

#2: Watch when you fill up. If you see the oil tanker—skip it! A lot of sediment and small rocks are in motion while they fill up the underground tanks. These rocks will get into your gas tank and can cause issues. It’s best to wait a day or just go to another gas station.

#3: AC in the winter. We know what you are thinking…no way! It’s already cold enough in your car during those winter months. However, running the AC a few times will make sure the moving parts in the compressor don’t fail when those hot summer months arrive.

These 3 tips may seem random but they are guaranteed to help! At Pinnacle Insurance Group, we want to make sure your car is in tip-top shape to avoid any problems. If a problem does arise, our Indiana auto insurance policy will be sure to cover any of your needs including: collision, property damage liability, bodily injury liability, medical or personal injury protection and much more. Long live your car!

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